Success story: Valentin Vodev

You could easily put Valentin Vodev is the list of The most successful Bulgarians, recognized worldwide by the leaders in his industry. The designer was born in Sofia, but now he works and lives in Vienna.

For him converting ideas into products is a metamorphosis from the common to the unexplored – a discovery through which he can define new functions and forms. Design can be used everywhere - from the modelling of children's toys to the cockpit of a lorry. In short – design is a cocktail of logic, aesthetics and art.

Vodev’s client projects includes: Mothercare, Villery & Boch, BASF, Tetra Pak, Absolut Vodka, and others. He has designed many award-winning products – his electric bicycle Biquattro won a the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2009 and. In 2015 he won the Red Dot Award for the second time for his concept - The VELLO bike. The product was also on Kickstarter where the campaign started in late September 2014. By October 28th the campaign successfully raised $30,171 USD with 61 backers.

We share this success story with you and hope to inspire you to work hard and follow your dreams.

Check out the VELLO bike here.