How to find a business partner in a day

If you type in Google “How to find a perfect business partner”, you will get 120 millions of results within 0.33 seconds and you can spend hours and days in reading and preparing to find your Partner with capital P, the person with whom you speak the same language and share the same vision.

To be honest I did not spend much time in reading and preparing, but decided to act. After a few days search without result in the capital city Sofia, I was left with 24 hours before my flight back to Switzerland. I had only a day to spend in Plovdiv. But this time was enough to find Ivan. And I  found him not anywhere, but in Hackcafe. I heard about this hacker’s space in Plovdiv that works as a coworking space. I also remembered that some of the materials that recommended best places to find a business partner and hacker’s spaces were among them. And they were right! I met Ivan, we talked about our ideas, our goals, about us, our plans. We found common interests and an idea that we both believe in. Within less than a day I had the right person.

This is how our partnership started, that marked the beginning of BizLabs - project we believe in, where we invest our time, energy and resources, in order to make it a place where young and entrepreneurial people can develop themselves and their business ideas

 - Stephan