Period1 day / FlexDesk1 week / FlexDesk1 month / FlexDesk1 month / FixDesk1 month / FixDeskProExtras
Price 12 BGN 39 BGN 99 BGN 149 BGN 199 BGN
Price Duo 349 BGN
Price Trio 449 BGN
Free trial day
Large desk with drawers
Standard desk
Big ergonomic office chair
Standart ergonomic chair
All-in-one printer, scanner, fax (fair use)
Office consumabvles and supplies
Working hours: Mo-Fr 9am-7pm
Extended working hours: 8am-8pm
Extended working days: Monday-Saturday
Conference room 50% disc. 2h/week, 50% disc. 1h/day, 50% disc.
Mini Conference space indoors upon availability
Mini Conference space terrace upon availability
Event room 50% disc. 50% disc. 50% disc.
Mail address
VOIP, local phone number on demand
Locker 27 BGN/m
24/7 access 27 BGN/m
White board free of charge
Projector 5 BGN/h
Flipchart 10 BGN
Slide changer 1 BGN/h
Sound System 5 BGN/h
Cleaning office
Cleaning after event 30 BGN
BizLabs Community membership 10 BGN
Paid Events discount discount discount 50% discount
Training discount discount discount
Parking lot, monthly 120 BGN/m
Parking, hourly 2 BGN/h
Accounting service 60 BGN/m
Secretary service 10 BGN/h
Security personal during office hours
Protocol, business representative for business meetings 15 BGN/h