Creative Problem Solving Framework- 23.07.2015

All teams and organizations encounter serious problems on their way - but efficient ones have the ability to deal with them in a quick and effective way. This skill is something that needs to be acquired and practiced in order to make your team focus on finding solution, and Creative Problem Solving Framework provides structure to the process, following one point at a time. It tames chaos and stress that often appear along with a problem and lets team solve it with creative power. Key outcome: You will learn how to solve problems in a fast manner: avoid the conflicts in your team, find creative and feasible solutions and carry on with the work! After this training you will be able to: - use a problem solving framework step by step - generate new creative ideas in a structured way - facilitate teamwork in the direction of reaching solution together, thinking in the same direction - identify and evaluate available options - plan and monitor implementation of the change process - brainstorm ideas even when sitting in front of a blank page Some of the tools included in the framework: - 6 Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono – thinking technique used all over the world from Australian 5 year olds, through Khmer villages up to NASA, IBM and Siemens management - SCAMPER – brainstorming facilitating tool helping to change the directions of thinking - Brainstorming, brainwriting pool, brainstorming 635 - Force Field Analysis – way to judge feasibility of a solution Who will benefit most from this training? Team leaders and team members working in a fast changing, dynamic environment where problems appear and have to be quickly solved. Trainer: Kris Filipiuk, Polish business trainer and consultant, working in the field of start ups, entrepreneurs and NGOs. Trained teams and individuals in business planning, team and project management across Poland, prepared several trainers for NGO organizations. Author and co-author of business plans, EU founded projects, market analysis and marketing campaigns for companies, municipalities and NGOs.