David is from Manchester, UK and has arrived in Bulgaria about 2 years ago. He came here to explore a business opportunity and thinks that Bulgaria has a bright future. He says that the most extraordinary thing that has happened to him here is: "Going to a Chalga bar." 


Check out David's honest answers: 

- Not a single day goes by without putting mental energy into an idea or physical energy into implementing that idea. Without some energy your life becomes disordered - physicists say this is a basic law of the universe and they call the effect Entropy. It takes a lot of energy to create something amazing.

- I believe that ... once a week, you should do a random act of kindness for a stranger. We’re all connected in some way, so ultimately you’re just helping yourself.

- One day I will .... give a great idea to the world. Then I can live forever through this idea. If that doesn’t work out, then I’ll become a father smile emoticon.

Chris is from Vancouver, Canada and he is visiting our coworking space for a month. He has a software development company and travels the world as a digital nomad. 

Chris found out about Biz Labs from one of our members - Euvie. She is half-bulgarian and half-canadian, also a digital nomad. His first experience in Bulgaria was on the 19th of January in Ruse during the heavy snow falls. Because of the adverse weather, he had to walk two hours in the outskirts of Ruse. Despite this obstacle, he reached Plovdiv and he says that he likes it here. 

Before arriving in Bulgaria, he was in Brashov (Romania) and Frontera (Spain). After Plovdiv, he is heading back to Spain to work and kitesurf. 




- Not a single day goes by without .....the moon rotating around the earth?

- I believe that .....the world is going to change far faster in the next 20 years than it has in the last 20, and that smart people shouldn't be looking to universities to teach them how to work at large companies, they should be learning the skills they need to create their own destinies.

- One day I will ....sail around the world with fully connected wifi :) 


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