TechOrigin Plovdiv will gather the local startup community on December 1st

TechOrigin Plovdiv will gather the local startup community, including entrepreneurs, investors, programmers, consultants, activists, and governmental organisations to share their success stories, practical experience and ideas that can make a real difference for the city.

The goal is to set the next steps in envigorating the startup ecosystem in Plovdiv that provides numerous opportunities, high quality IT talent and great potential for synergies between companies in the tech space. The event will take place in two locations simultaneously, BeeBop Cafe and Club Fargo, each providing a different discussion theme:
- Current challenges in the tech development environment;
- Investing in tech startups The event would be capped of by a networking mixer, a live jazz performance, a live DJ stream and an AV performance. Save the date and see you in Plovdiv on December 1st.